Super Affordable And Easy Instant Photobooth Singapore

Super Affordable And Easy Instant Photobooth Singapore

These days, photo booths are a must for any celebration.It’s a great way to get the party started, and visitors will receive photo prints as keepsakes to remind them of their good times. However this service is frequently expensive. So we’ve come up with easy to make and affordable photo booth ideas with supplies that can be found almost anywhere.

You can use any of these ideas to set up your instant photobooth singapore for any kind of party you going to throw.

  1. Use blackboards

This is for you if you have the creativity and talents to turn a blank canvas into something that could be the centre of attention at your party. Grab a blackboard and chalk and draw.Make it memorable by include memorable quotations, pictures, or jokes. Make sure people remember your party when they view the images they took in the photo booth.

  • Tip: Begin drawing from the top horizontal side and both vertical sides. It is not necessary to cover every square inch of the surface. It’s fine to leave the centre blank because people will stand in front of it. Simply ensure that the edges are nicely ornamented.
  1. Frames to hang

A hanging frame photo booth gets a lot of DIY points because it’s simple to create and looks great. You can utilise open back picture frames or create your own out of poster boards.

Use your imagination to decorate your frames to match the theme of your party. To make the frames look more vivid, paint them, wrap fabric or crepe paper around them, or glue flower decorations to them.

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