Different Ways To Give Your Dogs The Cbd Dosage.

Different Ways To Give Your Dogs The Cbd Dosage.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a nonpsychoactive or less psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plant. Many types of research have been done into this chemical due to its promising therapeutic effects and benefits when treated with chronic pains, anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental disorders. Dogs are also much like humans in many ways, and they get uncomfortable when they suffer from pain and stress. Canna-Pet® has come up with a dosage guide for treating your beloved pets with CBD oil products so that their health can be improved without any side effects. Read more here about how you can give your dog the optimum amount of CBD oil dosage.

Canna-Pet® offers ideal CBD dosages for treating the various symptoms of the diseases which affect dogs, such as anxiety, arthritis, chronic pains, and seizures. This is possible with the availability of different CBD products, which help treat most of the common problems in our pets.

Canna-Pet® makes a wide range of the best cbd oil for dogs products for dogs such as sprays, capsules, treats, and oils that treat different types of conditions. The dosage depends on what product you use and how your dog responds to them. All these methods help in administering effective doses without going overboard about it.

Give Your DogsCBD

This article will guide you on how to give your pet a proper dose depending on what method you choose:

1) How Much To Use In A Spray?

The key here is that there is no determined dosage as such because it all depends on your dog’s size. Therefore, you will need to use the spray twice daily and begin with one or two pumps for smaller dogs, whereas if your dog is more significant than 90 lbs., it would require 6-8 pumps every day.

Ways To Administer Your Dog CBD Oil Spray

Mix 2-3 drops of Canna-Pet ® in their food once a day, depending on your dog’s weight. If you are using more than one pet product, then use half of what is required. For example, if you’re using Canna-Pet ® capsules, then mix three pumps in their food and give them 1/2 of that dosage which means they get one pump per dose. As far as delivering CBD oil through ingestible products goes, this is one of the easiest methods to follow.

To give your dog a spray, hold the bottle upright and firmly press it so that 1-2 pumps come out nicely. Please put them in front of your pet and encourage him to lick them off with his tongue. Do this two times daily and if you see no response within four weeks, stop using it because the dosage wasn’t right for your pet’s condition or weight.

2) How Much CBD Oil To Use For A Pet?

The appropriate dosage is 25 mg/lb every 8 hours, which means around 0.5mg per pound every 8 hours, such as morning and night (12 hours). However, since we work with dogs on a weight basis instead of pounds like humans, here are the dosages for dogs based on their weight:

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