Council For Third Age: A Step Towards Better Society

Council For Third Age: A Step Towards Better Society

The demographic shift of an aging society is one of Singapore’s main problems. The council for third age (C3A) was founded in 2007 as a free-standing government organization with the support of the Ministry of Health. Its mission is to shape Singapore’s present and future as a vibrant community of people of all ages, where seniors are allowed to live full, meaningful lives. The C3A has successfully executed programs on senior volunteering, lifetime and interdisciplinary learning, and social gerontology, which have changed the public perception of seniors in Singapore. The C3A catalyzes projects, collaborations, and programs on active aging.

Third Age Council’s purpose

The Council wants to build a dynamic, pro-age Singapore where senior citizens may actively participate in a society based on their interests and skills.

C3A is committed to promoting an active aging culture in Singapore just so seniors can lead active, satisfying lives well into their third ages. C3A engages elders in Singapore through programmers and platforms including the C3A portal.

Partnerships with local governments, for-profit businesses, and other organizations serve as the foundation for many of the C3A’s initiatives. They include partnerships with educational institutions like the National Silver Academy, which fosters lifelong and multigenerational learning by enabling the involvement of seniors in academic programs at national universities. They span from Active Ageing Carnivals to Positive Ageing Toolkits. C3A’s primary function is to assist already-existing organizations with the research and development of new programs that facilitate, encourage, and encourage effective aging among Singapore’s population, as opposed to providing direct services.

The primary goal of the C3A is to build a framework that will enable seniors “to continue to be deeply and meaningfully engaged to society.”  C3A seeks to “build a dynamic pro-age Singapore where elders may engage as integral parts of society” by attempting to alter how the general public views seniors and aging.

To increase awareness of the problem of an aging society and to coordinate the activities of numerous stakeholders, the creation of the C3A was a positive move.

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