Sewing Tip – pre-shape zippers before sewing in curved shapes

  • Here is a sewing tip to help you when you are sewing a zipper in a bended crease.
  • Zippers are straight and your fitted piece of clothing has bended or formed creases.
  • You have to pre-shape your zippers before you embed them into bended creases.
  • By pre-molding the zipper tape, you expel the solidness of the zipper, make it work effectively into a formed crease and permit it to fit in with the body bends without clasping.

Follow this procedure:

  • Expel the zipper from the bundle.
  • Wet the zipper completely and let it dry to preshrink it.
  • Press the tapes level on each side of the metal teeth or nylon curl with a steam iron or with a clammy material.
  • After the principal press, hose the tapes indeed with a soggy wipe or wet material.
  • Press the tapes while still soggy – each side in turn. This time, stretch the tape and shape into an outward bend while squeezing.
  • Press until dry utilizing the extending, bending movement.
  • By molding the zipper thusly, you make it progressively adaptable. At the point when you embed it into a bended crease, it will fit in with the bend perfectly.
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